Courtyard House

District 8
Ho Chi Minh City

Scope of work:

Concept – Design – Consulting

This two-story project for a retired couple and their daughter is built on a 150 sqm site located in the District 8 of the megacity Saigon. The site is noticeably small and surrounded by crowded market ad neighbor spaces, so the primary challenge was to make a place that connects with the urban social-context but still embodies a peaceful sensation.

The only entrance of the house facing Northwest suffers from the negative effects of a local tropical climate. Therefore a flexible structure made of a sun screen façade and terrace was created to reduce the direct Western sun while still allowing light and natural light to pass through.

An open plan arrangement on both floors with a large void in the center allows the inside spaces to blend into each other seamlessly and increase natural lighting and ventilation. The courtyard in the heart of the house serves not only as a small social-hub where the family can connect and entertain, but it also promotes the tranquility of the house itself.